descriptionIcinga Core
ownerICINGA Devel Team
last changeThu, 19 Feb 2015 13:43:25 +0000 (14:43 +0100)
8 days ago Michael Friedrichidomod: Don't use logit() thanks to hardening flags master
11 days ago Michael FriedrichIDO: Fix pgsql.sql
12 days ago Michael FriedrichFix cmd.cgi use_ack_end_time param does not enable...
12 days ago Michael Friedrichcmd.cgi: Restore 'send_notification=0|1' behaviour
12 days ago Michael FriedrichUpdate Changelog with downtime changes
12 days ago Michael FriedrichIntegrate recurring downtimes scripts
13 days ago Michael FriedrichImport Release 1.12.2
13 days ago Michael FriedrichFix duplicate service definitions are not generating...
13 days ago Michael FriedrichFix possible race condition in ido2db's init script
13 days ago Michael FriedrichUpdate docs
13 days ago Michael FriedrichDeprecate icinga.cfg:broker_module; add more module...
13 days ago Michael FriedrichEnhance idomod logging; require 'config_file' args...
13 days ago Michael FriedrichFix crash when "arg" attribute is missing in module...
13 days ago Michael FriedrichInstall: Don't forcibly set owner/group on bin/lib dir
13 days ago Michael FriedrichRemove event_profiling_enabled from icinga.cfg
13 days ago Michael FriedrichClassic UI: Fix refresh tooltip in tac header
13 days ago v1.12.2 Version 1.12.2
4 weeks ago v1.12.1 Version 1.12.1
3 months ago v1.12.0 Version 1.12.0
5 months ago v1.11.7 Version 1.11.7
6 months ago v1.11.6 Version 1.11.6
8 months ago v1.11.5 Version 1.11.5
9 months ago v1.11.4
9 months ago v1.11.3
10 months ago v1.11.2
11 months ago v1.11.1
11 months ago v1.10.4
11 months ago v1.9.6
11 months ago v1.11.0
12 months ago v1.10.3
12 months ago v1.9.5
12 months ago v1.8.6
8 days ago master
12 days ago feature/ack-expire-extend-4908
13 days ago support/1.12
3 months ago support/1.11
3 months ago feature/make-comments-and-downtimes-sortable-5339
3 months ago fix/sorting-of-status-data-in-status.cgi-5965
3 months ago fix/Host-service-checks-order-in-tactical-overview-6965
8 months ago feature/url-cgi-path-6459
8 months ago fix/init-script-kill-6410
8 months ago fix/typo-in-init-scripts-6410
11 months ago support/1.10
22 months ago feature/ido2db-childs-1901
2 years ago feature/verify-script-2517